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That's why we created the ultimate Party Checklist! Refer to the checklist below to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy the perfect function! There are a few main factors to a successful party - good food, good drinks, good people, good music, and comfort for your guests. Follow the list below, to ensure your party is a GREAT party, but making sure your guests are happy and the function runs as smoothly as possible.

1. Catering

2. Beverages

3. Venue Hire

4. Times and Dates

5. Invitations

6. Glassware

7. Seating

8. Comfort

9. Music, Lights, and Entertainment

10. Wet Weather and Areas

11. Schedule of Events

12. Decorations

13. Security

14. Special considerations

15. Other Reminders

16. Answering Guests Questions


The Rule of thumb is the following;
5 pc/per head will suit only a morning tea,
8 pc/per head will suit a light meal through the day
10 pc/per head will suit a light meal through the night
12pc/per head is able to replace a meal - dinner or lunch.
15pc/per head is able to replace a meal - dinner or lunch - large eaters

The Fabulous Fingerfood staff provide excellent service to your needs for the function, and can take all the effort out of "Doing It Yourself", leaving you to enjoy your function with your guests! Make sure that you consider the time of arrival for the staff of Fabulous Fingerfood as this can be set to whichever time your function begins, but lasts 3 hours with the standard package, so ensure to think about when you would like the hot food to be served and book in as part of your overall package. Our staff when you call will run you through these consideration with you, and offer some great advice.


Generally work on an average of 5 drinks per head. This can change depending on the guests invited to the function and also the time frame in which you wish to serve in. All Fabulous Fingerfood liquor packages can be altered to suit your needs. Also make sure there is a jug of water available for the guests that would want this as an option - you'll be surprised.

Venue Hire

Consider venue hire as an option if your private premises is not large enough to cater for the guests invited etc. There are plenty of options for venue hire available, consider lawn bowling clubs, town halls, community centers and scout halls - alternatively, check your councils website, they generally have a "Venues for Hire" section dedicated to the details of reputable council owned buildings available for hire for a function.

Times and Dates

Ensure that the function is not going to be held on a special day such as a special holiday, or an important date of some important guests that you really want to attend. Consider the time of the function, and ensure that you approach the catering to suit that time of the day (eg; 6.00pm start of your function, you would need to ensure to provide addequate catering to replace most of your guests dinner).


Ensure that the invitations to the function are sent out as early as possible, 1 month before the event, allowing possible guests to ensure they can roster time off from work duties and schedule the function into their own timeframe. An important item to include on the invitation is the dress code; to make sure that all guests know what to expect of their appearance.


You will need more glassware than simply the amount of people attending. Guests will use more than one glass over the course of the night. Generally twice the amount is needed to ensure you are covering all possibilities, such as excess usage, more people arriving than expected, and/or breakages. If you purchase a liquor package through Fabulous Fingerfood, all the required glassware is included at no extra charge. If you don't purchase liquor through Fabulous Fingerfood and are looking for hire of glassware, never fear as Fabulous Fingerfood rents out our glassware starting at only $16.20 for boxs of 36 glasses, including us doing the washing up for you!


Make sure there is enough comfortable seating for all the guests arriving. Ensure this seating is to the special needs of some guests - see "special considerations". Again, if additional seating is needed, it can be hired from a party hire shop such as Ace Party Hire.


This is a key factor to a party. If people are cold/uncomfortable, they will generally leave the function earlier than expected. Consider the hire/borrow of a portable gas heater for outside. Think about the time of the year and of course time of the day that the function is held in. Consider an open fire, but often the smoke can annoy your guests, especially those with allergies.

Music, Lights and Entertainment

Young guests will want the music loud (for an 18th/21st - consider hiring a DJ) for all other functions, appropriate background music works very effectively. Jukebox's just don't cut it, they often get overcrowded during the event with guests queing up to place their favorite song in the list to play, this has another negative affect as it leads to some songs never appearing, as the list starts to build beyond the duration of the party. Hire a professional, a DJ, that will bring you great dance lighting effects including lights and smoke effects, and can play all your requests in an ordered managed situation, to the right mood of the night. The DJ can also be the MC of the event to help with the speeches and anything else you require.

Consider your guests entertainment options. The use of DJ's with the music can be arranged through professional DJ's found on a simple google search or yellow pages, or perhaps even the hire of a billiard table. There are plenty of ideas to ensure your guests are entertained and many can be affordably hired.

Wet Weather and Areas

Ensure there is a plan for when it rains, don't leave it to chance, because chances are that it will rain when you don't want it to. Consider outside marquees, and tarps, for greater outside shelter if worse comes to worse. Make sure there is adequate sheltered areas available if the rain comes. Also another item to note with areas, is smoking areas. Have a set defined area for where smokers can go outside, with ample amount of ashtrays to avoid butts on the ground.


Have a set time in mind when to start the speeches and cake (for special functions - this can be arranged with Fabulous Fingerfood staff to organize the event structure). As a general rule for night time celerbrations, this is often best at 10.00PM when the function is at its maximum attendance.


Ensure the house/venue is clean, odorless and decorated different than usual and within a party theme. Consider hire and use of helium balloons. These can be most effective when filling a ceiling with the strings floating down, to create a colorful and 3D like ceiling.


Consider the use and hire of bouncers. This is especially of use with a younger function such as an 18th and a large invite list. Also the location of the function can attract gatecrashers. A licensed security guard bouncer, can stop gatecrashers entering your party through use of a well listed door list, and avoid any conflicts throughout the night.

Special considerations

Disabled guests, and special dietary requirement guests, including other special needs of your guest list all need to be thought about. Fabulous Fingerfood can help you with any special dietary requirements, but you must consider disabled access etc for your guests with the venue that the function is held at.

Other Reminders

For children's parties, or even for the children at adults parties, "Party Bags" are still a big hit with the children. These can be purchased at any party supply shop such as Ace Party Hire, and filled with party mix available at any supermarket.

Answering Guests Questions

Avoid the "Where do I?" questions, and have places set out from the start where guests can leave their personal belongings such as handbags, and coats at the venue. Another location that is necessary, is the gift table for functions that would be receiving gifts. Include the dress code.