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Healthy Vegetarian Catering

Make sure you cater for all your friends with these delicious vegetarian ideas

If there are vegetarians amongst your group of friends or family, that shouldn't mean they have to miss out at dinners and parties you organise. It's easier than you may think to cater for the needs of all your loved ones, especially with the help of Fabulous Finger Food.

We offer tailored packages that are designed to suit specific dietary requirements, offering the same deliciously fresh ingredients and competitive prices we've become known for. Check it out below.

Vegetarian Catering

Don't eat meat? Meet our delectable vegetarian recipes. Popular favourites include:

  • Yummy spinach and ricotta cheese rolls
  • Vegetarian quiche
  • Gourmet pumpkin and potato tartlets
  • Onion and chive cheese balls
  • Perfect risotto balls
  • Shredded potato fritters
  • And so much more!

With prices starting as low as $7.90 per person, you know you've got a winner for all your vegetarian friends when you use Fabulous Finger Food. Get a quote today!