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Gourmet Finger Food Catering

Perfect for all occasions, our gourmet finger food options will leave your guests wanting more

Corporate function, engagement party, birthday, wedding or other, Fabulous Finger Food offers a delicious range of gourmet finger food perfect for all special occasions. From hot and cold canapés to cocktail desserts, we have something to suit every taste.

If you are seeking high quality, fresh and gourmet finger food catering services, look no further than Fabulous Finger Food. Servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Australia-wide, our friendly team can help you customise the right package for your needs.

Here are some of our most popular gourmet finger food packages:

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Food Guide Food Index Key

Fabulous Finger Food provides a wide range of delectable delights in our food and beverage options. So that we are sensitive to the needs and preferences of our varied clientele, we have created this easy to use food guide.

The icons listed here feature on all of the menu options they are relevant for, so you can easily see whether what you're selecting is nut free, lactose free, vegetarian, vegan, and various other specifications.

Dairy Free - Dairy Free Lactose Free - Lactose Free
Gluten Free - Gluten Free Nut Free - Nut Free
Healthy Option - Healthy Option Meat Option - Meat Option
Vegetarian - Vegetarian Vegan - Vegan

*We try to ensure that our products are corretly labeled however, Nut Free Labeled food may still contain fine trace elements of nuts.

Choose from a range of gourmet finger food options and cater to your guests tastes. With the option of including vegetarian alternatives you can build your own menu online!

Gourmet catering – Sydney & Melbourne weddings to remember!

At Fabulous Finger Food we understand the stress of wedding catering and how hard it can be to choose the right menu. To help you decide, we offer you the option of having a demonstrator come to you and talk to you while you sample our foods and gourmet finger food.

Fabulous Finger Food also offers a range of gourmet finger food Canapés. This style of gourmet finger food is extremely popular with weddings, high end corporate function or for any other occasion where you are after something a bit more sophisticated.

If you are seeking high quality gourmet catering in Melbourne look no further than Fabulous Finger Food, the Melbourne Caterers for all your gourmet catering needs!

Fabulous Fingerfood, recommends choosing at least 2 - 3 cold items to accompany the hot style items to create more variety for your guests!

For larger functions we recommend choosing 1 - 2 options from the larger options below

Here’s an idea of pricing, but be sure to contact us for a tailored quote today

Gourmet Finger Food Options

  • Choose 6 Items (any combination hot or cold) = $21 per guest
  • Choose 8 items (any combination hot or cold) = $28 per guest
  • Choose 10 items (any combination hot or cold) = $35 per guest
  • Choose 12 items (any combination hot or cold ) = $42 per guest
  • Choose 15 items (any combination hot or cold ) = $49 per guest

Individual Dessert Options

  • Per item per guest = $3.50 per guest


  • You may choose 1 item per guest but have multiple choices, minimum quantities per choice do apply
  • All prices are inclusive of standard 2 ply cocktail sized white napkins and all sauces are provided.
  • We bring and set up all the required utensils and consumables on site, such as serving platters, oven trays and more
  • You can also hire any equipment such as ovens or glassware if you require

For more information on how we can help you plan all your catering requirements, please contact us today.