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For the best in gourmet plattering, there's none better than Fabulous Finger Food

Whether you're organising a conference or hosting a party, it's important to keep your guests well fed and entertained with a delicious array of food. As the best food catering team in Melbourne and Australia-wide, you can trust Fabulous Finger Food to provide for all your gourmet platter needs.

Fabulous Finger Food offers a delicious range of gourmet finger food perfect for all special occasions. From canapés to cocktail deserts we have something to suit every taste. If you are seeking high quality gourmet catering services for delicious gourmet finger food platters, look no further than Fabulous Finger Food.

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Although it is often hard to decide what gourmet finger food is best for you, our diverse range is sure to satisfy. Gourmet catering can include whatever you want it to, you can choose from a wide range of menus like our seafood options including Smoked Salmon Calzone or Salt and Chilli Squid Tentacles, or our simpler gourmet catering including miniature hot dogs or hamburgers.

Whatever you decide, all of our gourmet finger food is absolutely delicious.

Gourmet catering to remember!

At Fabulous Finger Food we understand the stress of wedding catering and how hard it can be to choose the right menu. To help you decide, we offer you the option of having a demonstrator come to you and talk to you while you sample our foods and gourmet finger food. 

You may choose 1 item per guest but have multiple choices; minimum quantities per choice do apply. All prices are inclusive of standard 2 ply cocktail sized white napkins and all sauces are provided.

Staff take the required utensils and consumables on site, such as serving platters, oven trays and are completely set up without need for any of your own utensils. You can also hire any equipment such as ovens or glassware if you require.

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