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Mount Martha's Premium Party Food Hire

Mount Martha's experts provide quality hot and cold platters, finger food, and more for your party

From a huge event to a private party, make sure the catering is covered by the Mount Martha experts; Fabulous Finger Food.

Through our great selection of catering packages, which ranges from buffets to finger food options and incorporates everything in between, you can be confident you'll find something that suits the food and beverage requirements of your function.

Fabulous Finger Food not only provides incredibly varied options, we also make planning the catering of your celebration as affordable as possible. We offer some of the lowest prices in Mount Martha without compromising on quality, so you can feed the guests at your party while staying in budget.

Discover just our affordable our buffets, finger food, cocktails and much more are by calling 1300 850 720 and getting a cheap quote, or book with us to make sure your catering needs are sorted.