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Types of Events We Cater

Below is just a few of the different types of events that we typically cater for attached with a testimonial of each different type of function.
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From 18ths - 21st through to 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays even 100th birthdays, we cater for them all! Whether it be a major milestone in your life or just a small gathering with close family, Fabulous Finger Food can help you celebrate. See our venues for hire for some recommended venues around Melbourne, Sydney and their neighbouring suburbs.





Weddings are all about that special day. Everything needs to be done properly, effectively and on time to meet the outcome of the day. Fabulous Fingerfood, not only works with a lot of venues around the Yarra Valley region, inner city and mornington peninsula locations where we run a lot of weddings but can liase with any venue of your choice to ensure that the delivery, pickup and the operations on the actual day of the event itself runs smoothly and to its full potential. We keep in full contact with the venue of your choice and arrange the proceedures either through yourself and the venue or directly to the venue. We have worked with many wineries, historic homesteads, golf courses, parks and lakes to name a few. Below is a testimonial of some weddings that we have completed.

We recommend the Ultimate Premium finger food menu for wedding occasions where only the best will do, as it not only gives enough quantity of food for the day, but also fits in well with a higher class of product expected and gives the most variety of our packages.




Many 50th wedding anniversaries are a major milestone for anyone in their life and are usually organised by the son or daughter of the couple. We service this type of function a lot and mostly they are either held in privae locations or in halls for hire. See also our list of venues for hire, for a recommended list of venues that we currently service.




We not only take care of the big day itself but also the celebrations leading up to it. Engagements are a popular style of function that we cater for every week in and around Melbourne & Sydney and their suburbs. See below for some recent testimonials for engagement parties.


Corporate Functions


Corporate Functions are well organised through Fabulous Fingerfood also. We can take care of your Christmas Party celebrations, or your social club meetings, even professional functions such as seminars and product launches are regualar styles of functions that we generally cater for. We deal with many large companies within Melbourne & Sydney CBD and beyond., including some names such as NAB, CPA, AWB, RMIT, and AutoCRC. See more at our Corporate Events Page.