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Adam: Founder

With a background in retail and over 14 years of management experience, Fabulous Catering founder Adam Pope is passionate about his businesses and his clients. Starting this now thriving Melbourne catering company as a keen 19 year old, Adam is now leading his team to new heights.


What inspired you to create Fabulous Catering?

As a young business man I saw a need in the industry for more flexibility when running my events management company Astonish Events. Our idea as a catering company was to provide catering for any kind of budget or idea, as there were a lot of caterers providing substandard catering or too high end for regular events.

The industry has had a shift over the past few years, as there are now more fine dining restaurants in Australia than ever, food is in the public eye a lot more with the creation of TV shows like Masterchef, Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay etc., and people themselves are enjoying good food more than ever.

As our service level has grown, our range has increased and our menu has broadened to be able to cater for any budget or desire.

What are you proudest of within the company?

Taking on a mammoth week last Christmas of 157 functions in one week, alongside 48 on one day, which 39 of them were out before 11am- it was huge! We had over 20 staff on that day starting at 4am to get everything ready in time. It was exhausting but well worth it and a proud achievement of the company!

Alongside that, serving 1700 people a 3 course dinner, all served up in under 20 minutes, held at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne. We had over 85 staff on that night and it was a huge experience for all staff involved.

Why do you believe Fabulous Finger Food is the best in Melbourne?

Not only do we provide the best tasting food and most reliable service, we have the experience of doing so many functions. We have an enthusiastic, fresh approach to a tired industry, so thinking outside the box is our real forte, and being able to service anyone, anywhere or however many people is a real strength.

We have trained event staff within our office, we have highly qualified chefs that are able to provide for any event - from a basic finger food function through to a 3 course sit down or even a 8 course wine matched degustation!

We have unique operating structure behind the scenes using the best technology, and all our event staff use cutting edge technology allowing them to be more efficient, more professional, and more in control.

Where do you hope to take it in the future?

Fabulous Catering is already Australia wide. We already do over 3000 functions per year in Melbourne alone. The next stage for Fabulous Catering is to focus on niche markets. We are building the high end part of the business and starting to incorporate "personal chefs" as a new product.

We are expanding our corporate sector too, allowing for small board room lunches, and creating all day catering a large part of what we do. We are also sponsoring some major sporting events like Melbourne Aces Baseball Club and DFA Rally, and adding value back to our major clients by providing them the opportunity to be a part of a car rally, a day at the Flemington races, or invitations to our baseball club.

What do you enjoying doing in your spare time/personal interests etc.?

A foodie at heart, I enjoy seeing all that food has to offer! I like to go to the different wine regions within Australia and see the different types of wine available. I also enjoy playing squash and catching up with friends and family.